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Who are we?

In a world saturated with advertisements, Kanto Ads focus on the places that matter most – the local retail stores. Every store serves as the heart of communities, where people come together and share stories.
With Kanto Ads, you can have your ads showcased in every corner of the neighborhood and make your brand heard everywhere!
Search through different stores in Kanto Ads platform
Choose your positions in the storefront
Target customers on a micro and barangay level
Kanto Ads: Rent retail store spaces available in 1400+ cities and municipalities

Marketplace for retail store advertising spaces powered by Peddlr Philippines Inc.
Make your Brand be heard everywhere!

Powered by Peddlr, Kanto Ads can help extend your brand presence from bustling cities to serene municipalities.
Many rental spaces are ready to showcase your ads.
The best and cheapest way to promote your brand in every community.